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Sage(r) Cyber is a non-linear collection of stories and lessons learned during a 4 decade+ career in cybersecurity: 35 years at the Information Assurance Directorate of the National Security Agency, and now with the non-profit Center for Internet Security.


Tony W Sager

Semi-retired tech dweeb, security wonk, blog author

Tony received a BS in mathematics from Western Maryland College and an MS in computer science from the Johns Hopkins University. He began his career in cybersecurity in 1977 as part of the National Security Agency's Communications Security Intern Program, and spent his federal career serving as a cryptographer, software vulnerability analyst, and, perhaps most prominently, an Information Assurance Professional.  Tony was a founding manager of the Systems and Network Attack Center, and founder of the Vulnerability Analysis and Operations Group. 

He twice received the Presidential Rank Award at the Meritorious Level, as well as the NSA Exceptional Civilian Service Award. The teams he led at NSA received many awards and accolades from many industry organizations and publications, and he continues to this day to serve on a nearly-infinite number of panels, advisory boards, and other studies. 

After retiring from NSA in 2012, Tony worked with the SANS Institute, and now engages in mischief and advocacy alike as a Senior Vice President and Chief Evangelist for the Center for Internet Security (CIS). 

Tony lives in Maryland, has three very weird but charming children (one of whom definitely did not write this bio), and is the primary reason why the house has too many bicycles and also semi-feral cats. 


jay patricia sager

admin, general editor-at-medium

jay has been Tony's eldest kid for multiple decades now, if the rumors are to be believed. They are a former editor, dog groomer, and warehouse employee who was never trusted quite enough to be allowed to operate a forklift, and have served as a reference and collections management archivist, procedural dweeb, and extremely niche SME on what can only be described as "really old stuff that you probably shouldn't be touching" since 2006. They live in Brooklyn, New York with their partner and two dogs.

(jay's contributions to this blog in no way represent any opinions of their employer, likely much to their employer's deep sigh of relief.)

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