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A Joyful Noise

This is something I posted to the Center for Internet Security workforce last week. We've all been there.


In several recent video/audio meetings (Webex, and Zoom, and Teams...Oh My!) we’ve been treated to extra participants. If the source of extra voices and video comes from your end of the conversation, I know you might feel awkward or a little embarrassed, and it's challenging to work with distractions or interruptions.

But here’s one guy’s opinion.

Parents, pet-owners, care-givers, people with home-improvement-people wandering in and out, whatever – it’s OK!

When I say we are “treated" to extra participants, I mean it. Parents: you have my Total Respect. I have no idea how you are juggling all this, and I am delighted to hear your kids wishing for your attention, or asking for your help, or the printer buzzing to print their homework. Your children, and these years with them, are precious - enjoy them! And Susan and I now have two granddaughters, so don’t be surprised if they make a guest appearance.

From my house, you’ll hear (and sometimes see) my mother-in-law walking into my office to use her 1970’s-era NOISY electric pencil-sharpener, and you’ll certainly hear our elder-rescue dog snoring at my feet. And I am now sharing my home office with my daughter, who is staying with us for a few weeks to escape the noisy chaos of New York City.

Yes, there are times when we need to be a bit more formal in the appearance we present thru the ether; but within our CIS family and with our many close Cyber Friends and Partners, we should all extend our greatest kindness and understanding to others. We’re all doing our best in unusual times. It’s OK!


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